Notification of Three Gorges Dam congestion caused by annual maintenance


Please be advised that Three Gorges Dam will commence annual maintenance from February 2, 2017 onwards,the transportation of the Yangtze River will cost more time compared with the regular service. 

The impact of the feeder transport is expected to last 3 to 4 months. Details are as follows:


In order to reduce the congestion waiting time, COSCO SHIPPING Lines has developed multiple sets of solutions:

First of all, Panasia will continuously increase vessel capacity to ensure the long-term customer service.  During the Peak season, we will maintain 6 direct service/week from Chongqing to shanghai and 1 direct service /week from Luzhou to shanghai respectively.

Secondly, For the time-sensitive shipment, using escalator service to pass through the three gorge dam is recommended. Panasia deployed specially-designed vessel which is suitable for the three gorges dam escalator to expedite the passing time. Additional charged will implemented by using above service.

Other than above 2 water transport solutions, for the shipment destined for Chengdu and Luzhou, COSCO SHIPPING lines recommend our unique river-rail intermodal service. Under this service, the shipment will be barged to Wuhan Port firstly, then using railway to Chengdu and Luzhou.

l  Introduction of WUHAN-CHENGDU River-Rail Service


This river-rail transportation service connects the famous city of the central area of Yangtze River area Wuhan and the most important city of West China, Chengdu. The whole service will run 1347KM and take 2-3 days. Compared to the traditional shipping method, this service will not be affected by the complicated and changeable situation of Yangtze River and provide you a shorter and more reliable transit time.

l  Advantage of WUHAN-CHENGDU River-Rail Service


l  Delivery Service in Chengdu Area


In order to provide a better and faster service to our customers, We can provides cover all the to-Door delivery to not only the main city of CHENGDU, but also all the neighboring areas like Deyang, Mianyang , Leshan, Meishan and Shifang.

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